Memories of War: Personal Histories
Veterans Memories

There is nothing that can convey better the hard facts of war than do the recollections of veterans, and the same holds true of day-to-day routine, the occasional funny moments and the tense situations that war creates.
For that reason, I am more than grateful that there has been interest in such a section to this site, and I am eternally grateful for Bill Farrell's willingness to share his recollections with me and us. More are now available, but Bill's initial postings have allowed the opening of this site. Thanks to him and everyone else who shared his memories here.
Okinawa: Recollections of Bill Farrell, aboard LST 772

Pearl Harbor and World War II: Recollections of Hall Hancock, aboard Nevada and Hancock

Recollections of Bill Paull, U.S. Marine:
Guadalcanal, November 1942 - February 1943
New Zealand Part 1: Wellington, Pahautanui, Napier: February 1943 - March 1943
New Zealand Part 2: February 1943 - November 1943
Tarawa: November 1943
Camp Tarawa, Hilo, Hawaii, Kohala: December 1943 - June 1944

The Sinking of Prince of Wales and Repulse
Survivors accounts, by Alan Matthews USS Paddle: Sinking American POWs
Survivors accounts, by Eugene A. Mazza

Wartime Exploits of a Mindanao Guerrilla
by Nick Minecci