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When first conceived, this site was intended to possess a section covering the orders of battle for the various Pacific War battles and campaigns. In the progress of doing the site, however, the idea got lost and the OOBs incorporated into the individual battles.

However, as we went on to larger battles, such as Midway and Leyte, it became evident that OOBs were just getting too big to be right there with the battle. And finding some interesting non-battle, non-campaign OOBs I came to conclude that it was time to revive the we are, then. 

There's three sub-sections were, the obvious campaign and battle orders, and the chronological, all-encompassing OOBs for fleets, for administrative organizations etc.

Battle Orders of Battle
Java Sea
Midway Japan
Midway U.S.A.
Campaign Orders of Battle
Periodical Orders of Battle
U.S. Fleet Destroyer Squadrons 1939
Atlantic Fleet Destroyer Squadrons 1941
Atlantic Fleet Destroyer Squadrons 1943
Atlantic Fleet Destroyer Squadrons 1945
Pacific Fleet Destroyer Squadrons 1941