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In order to improve the worth of this site for the reader, I have tried to list all the books that I have used in order to create this site. Note that it only includes the works which I used -- those of the other authors are not available here.

Beyond that, in time there will be available other literary material: a complete Pacific War bibliography with annotations, and, more important, an entire online book: _Fighting Admiral_ by Father Frank X. Murphy. Thanks to Richard Connors, this OCRed book will be posted here.

Online Books
Murphy, Francis X.: Fighting Admiral, The Story of Dan Callaghan
Intro & Chapter 1: The Boy from San Francisco
Chapter 2: Midshipmen at Annapolis
Chapter 3: Court-martial
Chapter 4: War and Its Naval Aftermath

Book Reviews
In Bitter Tempest: The Biography of Admiral Frank Jack Fletcher, by Stephen D. Regan
The Bode Testament, by Sandy Shanks

Annotated Pacific War Bibliography
by John Kuehn, CDR, USN

Part IV: Showa and Post-Pacific War Periods
A. The Imperial Army

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Complete Pacific War Bibliography 
(Under Construction)