Homes in War: Fleet Bases and Anchorages
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The transoceanic Allied naval campaign against Japan required a dense network of bases, for fleet unit replenishment, forward staging for short-range craft, air bases for reconnaisance and strike missions, air fields for transport missions, and a great variety of other short establishments.

Rear-area naval bases such as the west coast ports, but also Pearl Harbor in the territory of Hawaii, catered to every need of the fleet, including major repair facilities and training areas. Forward naval bases, whether in friendly countries such as New Zealand or Australia and their dependencies in the Pacific, or in (re-)captured Japanese territories such as the Marshall Islands, were perhaps one of the most remarkable triumphs of American industrial ingenuity, featuring pre-fabricated Quonset huts on land and a large variety of store ships, repairships, tenders, and other auxilliaries at sea. Bases such as Majuro in the Marshall Islands and Ulithi in the Carolines were nearly full-fledged fleet bases, from ship replenishment to ship repair and crew relaxation facilities.

by Jack McKillop
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